Determined to make positive impact in your work despite corona measures? Need inspiration to keep working on sustainable goals in your work? Then the 100MTC Beyond Zero Experience - On Demand is definitely going to support you in this mission!

Between January 25 - 28, professionals can individually experience the 100MTC Beyond Zero Experience online at your own chosen time and place. You will watch the documentary film Beyond Zero and get access to the proven tools and the change maker network of the platform 100 Months to Change NL.

The 100MTC Experience inspires and challenges you to formulate actions to get started this very month. After all, there are still 96 months to go! Experience the 100MTC Experience yourself or give it as a gift!

Beyond Zero

On November 11, 2021, the film Beyond Zero premiered in the Netherlands. The inconspicuous international production company Interface started 25 years ago with a remarkable mission to contribute to the solution to the climate challenge. The results have been stunningly positive. The lessons of this transition pioneer are valuable to every organization and professional in the world.

100 Months to Change uses the Beyond Zero story and its Theory of Transformation to inspire and empower professionals worldwide in their transformation work. This innovative transformation program positively challenges leaders and professionals 'to step up the game' in the transition task. Based on the vision: a better climate starts at work.

Note: this experience is for individual use. Would you like to make it a team experience or are you looking for more depth? Then the Incompany 100MTC Experience might be more suitable.