What can we learn from pioneers in the New Economy? What do they do? What is it that makes them successful? They work with the Resilience model to transform organisations and futureproof them. Faster than anyone else. How? What does that bring them?
Here you find the formula for success: 10 factors with impact. 10 stories. 10 steps. Based on 20+ years of experience with pioneers in all sectors. For more information, click here!

Frontrunner Focus is a powerful tool for maximizing the use of the organization's collective intelligence for transition work in very little time. The proceeds of this program are suitable for organizations that are ready to set priorities in the transition work with support or that want to contribute to the accelerated development of the target groups involved. In 2 rounds of 10 minutes spread over 3 days, forerunners gather ideas and solutions for which others have to host a workshop for several days. Click here for more information about this program!

Contact and booking a 100MTC Experience

Do you have questions about a 100MTC Experience or would you like to host one? Mail to contact@transform4c.com and we will contact you as soon as possible. We ask you to state in advance what you would like to do and what you would like to achieve with it.