Today 100 Months to Change exists 1 year! With 12 months of climate work in the pocket, it is time to bring in the insights we gained with 30+ partners and 8500 participants.

A sneak preview of the conclusion:

There is work to be done on 2 climate accelerators. Participants ask for more direction and space from leaders for the transition tasks.
Leaders play a crucial role.  Changeteams and ambassadors have an important role to empower them in this.
Working with the climate accelerator 'Changeteam' provides focus and appears to be effective.

100MTC advocates inspiring and empowering as many professionals and leaders as possible in climate work. Feel free to share the whitepaper (see file link below) with leaders and ambassadors in your organization and chain.

The White Paper was based on data collected during more than 70 100MTC Experiences, using a smart online data tool used by over 8,500 participants.

There are still 88 months to go until 2030. Climate change affects every organization and professional. Let's apply the lessons of the platform pioneers and partners at scale for future-proof organizations.

Read the whitepaper here.