MVO Netherlands has made, in collaboration with the Goldschmeding Foundation, the exploration "Future scenarios: Working in a more circulair economy".
A valuable contribution, because this way companies, governments and education can even better imagine what the transition means for working and learning. In this way we accelerate together towards a sustainable future!

Therefore, to provide actionable perspective for professionals, we developed a hands-on Theory of Transformation. Visioning the future is the most important accelerator and first step in this. With these future scenarios, changemakers in organizations can now work even more effectively to create a "compelling vison".

That professionals see this as an opportunity and want more is also evidenced by the results of the Call for Action from the Experiences. It has been completed by more than 1,000+ professionals in less than two months. We will continue to learn a lot from this and new data in the time to come. With this and together with our partners, we can strengthen more and more professionals and future professionals in their transformation work.

The Exploration Future Scenarios: Working in a more circulair economy can be found on the website of MVO Netherlands.