To achieve a 55% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2030, a collective of climate pioneers is launching a global program on September 1: 100 Months to Change. Because we only have 100 months left to achieve the essential climate goals by 2030, we want to encourage professionals in government, business and education to take real action. Driving force is an experienced team of transition pioneers, known among other things from the release of the film An Inconvenient Truth, the National Sustainability Congress and Duurzaam Gebouwd.

Only 40% of companies have set sustainable goals and only 10% of them are being met. Even the government seems unlikely to meet the 2030 sustainable goals. Initiator Charlotte Extercatte: 'The climate issue is really people's work. If we do not set goals, we are not going to reach that 55%. Where there is already action, we can do so much more if we organize it smartly. We learned that from the pioneers, who have years of experience with climate solutions. With this program we are going to apply all that experience very quickly in all sectors. This increases our chances of achieving goals and ending up in the most favorable IPCC6 scenario'.

Community of leader and professionals

100 Months to Change is the name of the campaign and community that challenges leaders and professionals worldwide. It is a transformational program consisting of sharing inspiring stories of pioneers and an action program that facilitates actions and measures impact. The pioneer stories prove that it is possible to organize positive change to contribute to solving sustainable and transformation challenges. Milestones in the first year of the program are premieres of the film Beyond Zero in several countries. In the Netherlands, it will be at the 20th National Sustainability Congress on Nov. 11.

International movement

100 Months to Change is an initiative started in the U.S. by climate pioneers committed to taking concrete action to meet the sustainable goals by 2030 - 100 months from its inception. Through inspiring events and spurring concrete action and a community of changemakers, the group gets professionals in government, education and business thinking about the short time left to learn how to deal with the impacts of climate change. With a smart tech tool, knowledge is gained and shared and relevant insights are gained using data.

Initiators in the Netherlands are Folkert van der Molen (a.o. Online Knowledge Center Sustainable Business and National Sustainability Congress), Maurits Groen (a.o. Milieu Magazine, WakaWaka and Kipster), Yvette Watson (PHI Factory, Nr3 Duurzame 50), Wietse Walinga (a.o. Duurzaam Gebouwd) and Charlotte Extercatte (a.o. Institute for Corporate Transformation). Together they are part of an international network.