A Changeteam is one of the four accelerators from Theory of Transformation*. With a Changeteam, an organization can apply focus and direction within the organization. But what is it exactly? What does it consist of? How can it be deployed? And why is it so crucial in the process of accelerating climate work?

A Changeteam is a team of enthusiasts and professionals with decisiveness who want to work together for climate work within their organization. Based on their function and intrinsic motivation.

A Changeteam is a group of five motivated individuals with influence and complementary skills. Experience shows that a group of roughly five people is the most effective: large enough to have an impact and to represent different expertise and points of view, small enough to remain decisive and not to get bogged down in bureaucracy and procedures or change of composition, because that may cause delays at this stage**.

If these five participants in turn each motivate five others to an extra action and they in turn five others, you have already set more than a hundred people in motion in three feasible steps. This creates a wave that eventually helps the entire organization over a tipping point. Did you know that only 1% of the organization is needed to reach such a tipping point?

Watch the video below for some more explanation about a Changeteam.

*more about the Theory of Transformation can be found in the book Klimaatwerkers (Climate Workers), wich you can order here (only available in Dutch).

**read more lessons of 12 months of climate work in the Whitepaper 12 Months Climate Work (Dutch)