A long list of CEOs with their sustainability managers will be present on Nov. 11 at the Dutch premiere of "Beyond Zero," the inspiring 2021 documentary that aims to encourage organizations and governments to work on their climate transition. Leaders of big names such as Ahold, Compass Group, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Patagonia, ProRail, Vattenfall will take their seats in the Gooiland Theater in Hilversum next to executives from SMEs and government directors to make a strong statement before and after the premiere: the transition to climate-proof business is a must! The discussions and motivating arguments will be guided by presenter Harm Edens and transformation pioneer Maurits Groen. The organization is in the hands of Maurits Groen in collaboration with 100 Months To Change.

Climate transition at the highest level

By attending this premiere, Dutch organizations and governments are showing that they are ready for a similar transition. The film sets the right tone and inspires, the presence of so many leaders spurs action. A powerful signal to the Dutch government that the time of many words is behind us that transition has gone to the highest level. The timing couldn't be better: at the moment when a new cabinet has yet to be formed and world leaders in Glasgow have taken the next step toward a sustainable future, "Beyond Zero" will premiere during the 20th edition of the National Sustainability Congress.

The evening will also feature many young people and students, who will interact with the CEOs and government representatives in attendance to chart a common future.