On December 1, the platform of pioneers 100 Months to Change (100MTC) announces a special collaboration. With 15 months of transition work done, the Experts of the platform share an important insight into why organizations are not making enough progress on their sustainable goals. The cause is the lack of direction and space to work on the transition task. The contributions of young people in these subjects are also lacking. In addition to its current activities, the 100MTC platform is therefore immediately committed to increasing the capacity of transition teams in collaboration with Hieroo, a network of Young Consultants.

On December 1, a 100MTC Changemaker meeting will take place for Partners and Experts of 100 Months to Change (100MTC) in collaboration with Hieroo, Transform4C and the University of Applied Science Windesheim. Over the past 15 months, the 100MTC platform has worked with 40 organizations to accelerate the realization of the sustainable goals. Together with large companies such as ABN AMRO, EY, Renewi and Dura Vermeer, but also various ministries and educational institutions such as Fontys, at least 10,000 professionals and future professionals were involved and challenged to commit themselves more to transition in their daily work. These collaborations resulted in many actions and provided clear insights to accelerate. On December 1, there are still 85 months to go for organizations to achieve the 2030 sustainable goals.

Lack of perspective and capacity is the biggest challenge in climate transition

Research among 10,000 professionals over the past 15 months shows that there are two concrete insights when it comes to transition. Firstly, professionals who work on transition seem to need more space from leaders to work differently in order to contribute to sustainable (climate) goals as an organization. Secondly, it appears that leaders in turn need the employees and parties in the value chain to develop and propagate the vision of the organization. This goes beyond the targets in a report. Professionals who are motivated for the transition tasks – formal or informal leaders – can break through the delay by bringing these images together and converting them into concrete action with focus. Partners in the platform share how you as an organization can use the insights and tools of these pioneers through Experiences and the book Klimaatwerkers (Climate Workers).

"Transition is not about technology or policy, but about people. It is mainly about having the capacity to set up a smart transformation process," says Charlotte Extercatte, author of the book Klimaatwerkers (Climate Workers) and co-founder of 100MTC.

Great enthusiasm among professionals to become more sustainable

The platform 100MTC and the Young Consultants of Hieroo are joining forces to jointly solve an important bottleneck in organizations that work on transition with the platform: capacity and knowledge about transformation. A striking collaboration between two pioneering consultants. Process manager Loraine Westerneng of 100MTC says: “The strange thing is: there are an incredible number of professionals and future professionals who want to contribute to transition issues. Yet many transition teams are struggling with a shortage of time and resources. It is also striking that there are few young people at the table. While they, full of energy, good ideas and skills, are the perfect partner to bring innovation to these topics in organizations. They are the climate workers of tomorrow!"

Young Consultant Lot Steemers of Hieroo says: “Subjects such as reporting, making policy and setting dry goals often come first. We only know from successful pioneers that things can be done faster by organizing a smart transformation process. As a Young Consultant at Hieroo Zwolle, I learned how that works from the platform of 100MTC Partner Transform4C. I now use these skills, for example, as a process manager at the government organization RVO DuurzaamDoor.”

Charlotte concludes: "It is wonderful that we can announce this collaboration right now. It is now all hands on deck to ensure that organizations meet their climate goals and that we as a society do not exceed 1.5-2 degrees of warming. Partners from the 100 Months to Change network can now deploy these young talents and, with the right skills and enough capacity and support, continue with the acceleration of climate work. Before you know it, there are still 80 months to go."

Background information

About Transform4C & 100 Months To Change

100 Months To Change (100MTC) is an international transformation platform, set up by expert agency Transform4C, that connects, inspires and strengthens professionals for a climate-proof transformation within business, government and education. One activity of the platform is organizing 100MTC Experiences with the film story of a polluting pioneer – as a way to start a large-scale conversation about accelerating transition challenges and to link action to this. The lessons are shared during Changemaker Events.

The platform was founded on September 1, 2021 by Charlotte Extercatte of Transform4C and a US partner Institute for Transformation. The Dutch premiere of the 100MTC Expereince took place on November 11, 2021 and was a great success thanks to the collaboration with highly experienced transition experts and professionals such as Maurits Groen, Wietse Wallinga, Folkert van der Molen, Guido Braam, Professor Andre Nijhof and Harm Edens.

Hieroo is the local consultant with the ideal: 'working today on a better city of tomorrow'. The young consultants do assignments in all sectors in their own region. For example, they work on rejuvenating, renewing and strengthening organizations. Hieroo is a partner of the 100MTC platform and provides capacity for transformation processes in collaboration with the Experts from the platform.