The most frequently asked question after the premiere is: how can I bring the film documentary Beyond Zero to my organization? For that, we have the 100MTC Experiences to Energize available. 

Experiences to Energize is a renewed program for transition leaders and experts who want to accelerate their transition work by deploying an Experience. Among others, the Experience Let's Go Beyond with the well-known film Beyond Zero can be deployed with this. Last year, the platform reached 10,000 professionals.

This program is suitable for leaders and transition experts who want to:

  • Put transition and the role of leaders on the agenda in boardrooms.
  • Communicate the opportunities and possibilities of transition from a positive perspective.
  • Share experiences about roles in transition: of leaders and players in the organization and chain partners
  • Inspire team(s) on how to put transition into practice.
  • Have more energy in the team for transition work such as ESG reporting and/or a new sustainability strategy.

An Experience consists of a rock-solid introduction, inspiring stories of pioneers using the theory of transformation and a Call to Action.
These elements lead to an in-depth conversation and challenge to concrete action. On average, the Experiences are rated 9.


If you have any questions about this new program, please email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
We would like to ask you to mention in advance what you would like to do, for how many people, when and what you would like to accomplish with it.