With only 79 months to go, it is not only time to act, it is time to accelerate! Let's Catalyse the transition with experiences that energise leaders and professionals to step up the game in transition. 22nd of June you will learn all about it.

The platform 100 months to change will host the first international Experience to Enegerize. This is a online inspiring and interactive programma, starting with a session on the 2nd of June of 2 hours - for leaders and transition experts with ambition.


  1. Get transition on the agenda : why needed and how to organize transition in organizations - fast!.
  2. Knowing who plays what role in the organization and/or chain? How can this be done faster and with more impact?
  3. Want leaders and teams to experience the opportunities and possibilities of transition from a positive perspective and concrete tools.
  4. Concrete ways to create more energy and support for implementation and to accelerate this process.
  5. Practical tools for implementation, for example of a sustainability strategy or frameworks and legislation such as CSRD and the CO2 performance ladder.

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