Six months after the kickoff of the 100 Months to Change (100MTC) platform, we reflected on the proceeds of transformation work from the 100th to the 94th month. On Friday, March 25, Changeteams from 100MTC partners came together at the Changemakers Event. They reflected, looked forward and learned together. After six months, despite a significant lockdown, there is a strong network of ambitious transition professionals including from ABN AMRO, EY, Savills, various ministries and educational institutions. Over the next six months, they will collectively inspire and empower 10,000 professionals in transformation work. Two clear accelerators have been inventoried in a short time, with which immediate acceleration in the transition can be realized.

100MTC and its partners are halfway through the first sprint and a lot has happened and been learned in the first partnerships. Despite the lockdown, over 15 Changeteams were launched and over 40 100MTC Experiences were conducted. These are successfully proven inspiration sessions with a film screening Beyond Zero and a call for additional transformation actions. Many transformation actions were identified during these inspiration sessions and then brought to fruition with the Changeteams.

The Call for Action data, collected during the conclusion of Experiences, provide valuable insights about the contribution and ability of professionals to contribute to the sustainable goals of organizations in their work. It also contributes to the development of focus and collective wisdom of organizational professionals in just 2 x 10 minutes.

The balance at ‘94 months to go’

In total, more than 3,000 professionals were reached with these Experiences in the first six months and the forecast for the coming months shows that the 10,000 will be reached. The online platform also reaches a large group of professionals and students with its coverage. The monthly coverage including the monthly 'countdown' of the months, reached an average of 50,000 professionals per month in a growing community. Key lessons are that more can be achieved immediately and quickly on transformation action by organizing beckoning perspectives on the future and smart process designs. This is where Changeteams -if necessary with help from the platform- get to work. Experts and new potential partners are reporting daily to work together on the mission.

Added value

The added value of the platform 100 Months to Change is perceived as positive. Savills, for example, thinks it great that they can connect with other organizations through the platform and learn from each other. The Dura Vermeer Changeteam is happy that the 100MTC experts are helping them to determine their vision: where do you want to be as a company in 2030? And also to keep a sharp focus on how to get there. ABN AMRO sees great value in the common story and language, which provides the right inspiration and motivation to put their shoulders to the wheel together with the professionals in the organization. In government it is indicated that the way of working enables focus and accountability.

What’s Next

The theme of the Changemakers Event was "What's Next. The central question was: What are we learning from the past few months together and how can Changeteams accelerate their tranformation work in the coming sprint? Inspiration and concrete handles for action followed from the exchange of 100MTC experiences, the results from the data tool, a What's Next power talk by Interface and an expert contribution from a refreshing angle. 'With these insights, changemakers can inspire and empower professionals in their organization or chain even faster and more effectively in transformation work. And in doing so, they achieve their sustainable goals faster than peers,' said Charlotte Extercatte, co-founder of the global platform 100MTC and also an expert in the Dutch organization.

Climate Workers

The launch of the book Klimaatwerkers (Climate Workers) took place at the conclusion of the program. The book contains accessible accounts of insights from theory, real-life stories from pioneers and a simple roadmap for any professional with transition ambition. It is also intended for boards and directors to start the conversation in organizations to harness the underutilized potential of the many employees, customers and suppliers to work together to create a future-proof organization. The book is only available in Dutch at the moment.

90 Months to go: Leaders in charge

Several activities are planned in the near future, including public experiences in Museon Omniversum, among other places, a special program for teachers and students in education and an online academy. On July 1, the follow-up to this meeting will take place. Then the C-level leaders of the partners of 100MTC will meet during the C-Table. There are still opportunities for them to directly harness the potential of their employees, customers and suppliers thanks to the insights from the Datatool and the platform's contacts.

See some photos from the Changemakers Event below.