From the beautiful location of the Winter Garden in Baarn, the 100MTC Executive Experience with Mourik took place last week. Decisive changemaker Cora de Groot gave way in a leadership program to a session on the importance of a beckoning perspective as an important accelerator of one's own organization's and market's climate transition. With success! Thanks in part to the tools from the 100MTC Experience, a good conversation ensued with deeper insights and images about the future.

Mourik works daily on a sustainable infrastructure and a clean, circular industry. But they want to go further. To that end, Mourik has started the "Leadership in Sustainability" program. With the help of this program, they can activate the organization even more to contribute to the transition and create positive impact.

"This experience is important because there are still 95 months to go to meet our sustainable goals and even less to achieve the goals of our strategy, Route '25. Undeniable part is developing direction and space in the organization to further prepare the company for the future, together with our customers and partners."